Key ingredients for a night run

Recipe for a successful night run:

1. Night-vision aka headlamp (Petzl ‘Tikka’ is my personal fav.)- Just be sure to put it on the right way. Wearing this upside down is only preferable for illuminating low branches.

Night vision

2. 1 flashing vest (Reach the Beachers will know exactly what I am talking about here)-This vest also comes in extra handy for night visibility when worn while driving a fifteen passenger van in the middle of the night or as ‘co-pilot.’  Well, this may not be the best idea but it is sure to create some uncontrollable sleep deprived middle of the night hysteria.

Who's the flasher?

3. ‘blinkie’ light (Also a Reach the Beach essential item)-Make the other runners chase you down. It is always so satisfying to catch and pass a ‘blinkie.’ This is only true if you are actually racing. I am not sure your running friends will appreciate you blowing by them and leaving them in the dust on a training run.

"Catch that blinkie!"

4. Speed to keep you running when a bear pops out of the shadows. “GRRRRRRRRR!”

This would not be cool . . . AT ALL!

5. Organic Fuel

  • ‘Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews’ (I like caffeinated limeade the best because who doesn’t need some caffeine to give you a jolt when out for a night run?)

    Kind of like a gummy bear except with an extra "buzz" (haha! . . . no pun intended)
  • An alternative to energy chews is what I like to refer to as “the giant 2 a.m. brownie”- Organic if at all possible and the size of this brownie must be larger than your face and is to be shared by no more than two people (Captain D. is someone good to share with). The initial sugar high will be fantastic (although later you might wonder. What the heck was I thinking?)
    "Oh why did I eat that!"

    5.  Other addicts to run with because why else would anyone be out for a run in the freezing cold darkness?

    Bundled up at tent city to grab some shut-eye before the next leg of Reach the Beach NH



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