“You’ve been chicked!”

"You've been chicked!"

Okay, so I am a total convert to the running skirt. When women in running skirts first started appearing at races I must say I may have mocked them a      bit and was unsure if I would ever wear one out for a run. Then one day my friend Michele, an amazing inspiration athlete  who has competed in many Ironman races (http://2genim.com/) sent me my first running skirt in the mail. This skirt is now one of my favorites. It is the ‘Gym Girl Ultra’ from Skirt Sports (http://www.skirtsports.com/index.cfm) and the pattern is ‘Sweet Tattoo’ (I  think).  My first major ‘public’ appearance in my skirt was at the Reach the Beach Relay, NH. Still being a little modest about the decision to wear a skirt while running I wore it for my night leg, and  was accessorized with my sweet ‘flasher’ vest and my night vision (petzl headlamp).

Now this is a fashion trend worth sharing

Now I don’t want to wear anything else when I run.  As a mom, running skirts are great because they are super comfortable and I can go straight from a run to pre-school, to the co-op, to the garden, while still looking girly and cute (albeit usually very sweaty which may detract from the fashion statement. Ha!).  For me I have discovered that the wilder a prettier the skirt the better.  My most favorite skirts are the ‘gym girl ultra’ in ‘purple haze’

Purple Haze

and the ‘kendall daisy lotta breeze capris’ which is better on colder days.

Kendall Daisy

To make the skirt even more appealing, my sister sent me an article from the NY Times title “Running Skirts Go Girly” in which  Erica Sara Neuman, 33 is quoted as saying, “There’s something fun about running past a guy,” Ms. Neuman said.“They call that chicking a guy. You run past them, they get upset. You’re in a skirt, they get even more upset.”  (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/13/fashion/more-frills-and-flounces-for-running-skirts-noticed.html?_r=2) It’s awesome to feel fast as a female runner and to feel inspired and empowered. I especially love the term “chicking a guy” since my runner friends and I now often compete in races as “The Pete and Gerry’s Organic Chicks.”

So now the question is . . .What is your running style?

Organic Chicks

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