‘BOB’ is my best friend (and I’ve got a small case of BOB envy)

I am back home in Pennsylvania for the holidays running around (literally) here there and everywhere, finishing up last-minute shopping, chasing my three-year old and 15 month old. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in some runs while I am here.

Before I left New Hampshire and the peace and quiet of the beautiful North Country I had a great run with my friend Lizzy with every runner moms favorite companion The BOB Revolution (that is of course with your child riding along as your other perfect companion or in my case sometimes two in the duallie) http://www.bobgear.com/revolutionSEhttp://www.bobgear.com/revolutionSEduallie. The BOB is basically the mommy equivalent of an SUV. If you are a runner Mom your BOB will travel everywhere with you.  The BOB gives you the freedom to get out of the house, get a great workout and have the added bonus of a little stress relief and time out in the fresh air soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible.

We did our usual weekly run in Bethlehem on the 5 mile loop from the White Mountain School with just enough uphill to work our legs and just about the perfect distance to run with the BOB.

I must say I have a little BOB envy, I have the older BOB with the larger canopy whereas Lizzy and her daughter are rolling in the much sleeker 2011 BOB Revolution SE.

Sweet Ride
Sleek Ride

Although the new BOB is way more stylized my BOB definitely has all of the added bells and whistles that you could ever want. The warm fuzzy keeps my kiddos warm. The weather shield keeps them dry and out of the wind (which is especially key because every mom knows that even if the temps are freezing and the snow and sleet is falling, sometimes you just have to get the kids out of the house!).  The sun shield (oh how I wish it was still summer!) is also perfect for those summer days when the black flies and mosquitos are swarming (My kids remain bug bite free even when I return home looking like I might have a bad case of the chicken pocks due to all of the bites). One of the greatest things about this stroller are the heavy-duty, off-road tires, the shocks and the swivel wheel.

My BOBs have been with me for many miles and I will be sad the day when my kids get too old to join me for a run. So if you are a mom, put the BOB on your list for Santa.  Don’t miss out on the awesome miles bobbin’ it with your little snuggle bugs!

2x BOB and 2x cuties!

2 thoughts on “‘BOB’ is my best friend (and I’ve got a small case of BOB envy)

  1. I just got a Bob. Love it bit trying to figure out how to store it. My garage barely fits our cars. Would love to.mount it somehow. Would love to hear how you store both strollers. Thx

    1. Hi Maribeth! thank you so much for commenting on my blog! BOB’s are awesome and a total lifesaver on days when the baby/toddler just won’t nap. The problem of storing baby gear and especially these giant strollers is always a bit of a conundrum. We thankfully have an enclosed porch space where I can store them and also an old dairy barn that is currently empty. I wonder if there might be some way to rig up some bike hooks. Perhaps something like this THULE bike stacker (http://www.orsracksdirect.com/thule-bstk2-bike-stacker-storage-rack.html) might work. I hope that you figure out a good solution. Happy running!

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