Winter Brrrrrrrrr. . .

Just in time for my first Winter Wild race event tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. at Whaleback Mountain in Enfield, NH the temperatures will be plummeting. Instead of enjoying the nice balmy winter temperatures that we have been having due to two supposed la nina events (whatever that means????)so instead it will be frigid which will make for a super icy hard-pack for the race up the mountain and back.

Here is the weather report for the morning:

Saturday, January 14
7 am
Partly Cloudy
Feels Like1°F
Wind From WNW
18 mph
 Sunrise 7:20 am
8 am
Partly Cloudy
Feels Like 0°F
Wind From WNW
18 mph
Any normal individual would probably skip the ridiculous-ness that is this race event choosing to stay cozy and warm, snuggled up under a giant down comforter.  However, apparently I still have some of the craziness leftover from years of rowing  at Colby College  with Colby Crew before dawn in frigid temperatures.
I still have vivid memories of rowing on Messalonskee Stream in Waterville, Maine in the middle of winter. A thin-film of ice would often cover the stream only to be broken like glass as the shell gracefully slid along the water.  We would launch the dock in the quiet of the early morning on a floating dock that would often submerge causing wet feet (perhaps spandex too) which is obviously less than ideal in the middle of the winter. It was often so cold that when we returned to the dining hall to gorge ourselves on the buffet of deliciousness that is breakfast post workout, my hands often felt as if  I was still clutching my oar when I went to pick up my spoon.
As I am writing this I am pondering  why I am going to do this tomorrow. I am wondering what to wear. Hmmmmmmm . . .
This looks like it would be cozy but not sure about the breathability
ummmm . . . this looks a little extreme

I’ll let you know more tomorrow after the adventure. Stay tuned . . .


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