Minimalist kicks

As any mom would tell you it is pretty hard to lead a minimalist lifestyle with all of the gear and toys that come along with having kids. As I look around my kitchen there are toys, books, winter jackets and boots strewn about. It’s the daily cyclone of a toddler and a three-year old that can turn a beautifully organized and cleaned room into a complete disaster area in the matter of minutes. I am constantly cleaning, organizing, and looking for ways to pare down the ever-growing amount of stuff that is entering our house.

Kids At Play

I have to admit, the toys do not all belong to the kids. I am a GEAR lover! I am a “planner” in life, a perfectionist, and a Libra. So in order to be prepared for all situations (and being a Libra I am always way too indecisive) I need the gear for every possible situation. Our closet is overflowing with outerwear ranging from down jackets heavy enough to keep you warm in your igloo, to GORTEX jackets, to hunter safety orange vests to wear during hunting season. There are CAMELBAKS, running shoes galore, yak traks, ski boots and the list goes on and on. I guess, now that I think about it I am still the pack rat that I was when I was growing up but now everything is more contained and behind closed doors.

So now after telling you my “dirty” secret (hopefully I will NEVER turn into a hoarder) I will move forward and tell you more about my decision to try a “Minimalist” running shoe.

DEFINITION of Minimalism:

A style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity

If I was a minimalist this is what my living room might look like.

This would make a great roller skating area for the kids!

If I was a minimalist this is what I might wear.

Perfect for looking like you are wearing a "johnny" at the hospital or that you were just released from the insane asylum.

At least for minimalist running shoes you can pick something that still has a little style and fun! I picked the Brooks Green Silence in “Vista Blue/Dark Denim. Pretty shoes (which totally appeals to my girlie side).

minimal but still girlie

I typically go for a stability shoe (see earlier post about Brooks Adrenaline GTS) being an over pronator which often ends in shin splints if I run in the wrong shoe. My friend Jenny, an Ultra Racer, just got these shoes post pregnancy and has been enjoying running in them. I have always been curious to try out a minimalist running shoe but was not sure I was ready to try something like the Vibram Five Fingers because I am a little wary about having something in between every one of my toes.

This shoe is also enticing because it is an environmentally friendly shoe made from recycled components and soy based inks. Plus on the website they tempt you by saying, “Embrace your inner tree-hugger.” I am going to start out slow with this shoe. Running a bit on the treadmill first before I hit the roads. Many runners that I have talked to have said that running in a minimalist shoe has completely changed running for them. I am curious to see if  this shoe will allow me to run without getting shin splints or any other injuries for that matter. Minimalist shoes are supposed to be great because they do not restrict the natural motion of your body when you run.

I will let you know what I think after I have tried them out for a while. I would love to hear your thoughts on minimalist running and am curious to hear about your minimalist running shoe choices.

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2 thoughts on “Minimalist kicks

  1. Oh to have a minimalist life. I couldn’t image ever having white furniture even if I didn’t have kids! I’m interested in what you think of your shoes. I’ve been thinking of going that route, too.

    BTW, I tagged you for the 11 Random Things that’s been going around blogs. Don’t feel obligated but it’s kind of fun!

    1. I have only run in my new shoes once so far on the treadmill but they actually felt pretty good and I didn’t have any weird soreness afterwards which is a good sign! I will let you know as I run in them some more. I figure if they don’t end up working out for running at least they will be cute for wearing around while chasing the kids 😉
      The minimalist life would definitely be hard although sometimes I look around and get annoyed by all of the stuff. This week got rid of a lot of extraneous kid gear so at least now my house is a little bit streamlined!

      Thanks again so much for reading my blog! How is your training going? I am about to hook up with a coach for more specific marathon training. I will definitely check out your post about the 11 things. Thanks and happy running!

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