FRESH Friday

As I roll on through the adventure of being a newly minted blogger and putting my writing out there for all to see I am constantly thinking about how I can change what I am doing. I consider myself to be a “Fresh” blogger, new to writing and finding out how I can use my blog to inspire others. This blog will probably be going through a metamorphosis for a while. I am discovering my style of writing and how I want to share my musings with you each time I write. I have found that when I sit down to write I often begin writing about one thing and the topic evolves.  It was a hurdle to begin this new adventure and sharing my thoughts and ideas for all to see. But I have been working on changing and growing and not holding back for it is too easy to take things in life for granted. This blog is something I have wanted to begin for a long time.

On Fridays I will now be posting what I call “FRESH Fridays” where I will try to share something new. I will share fresh inspirations, new adventures, fresh ideas about food and recipes that I have tried, and more. I hope you will enjoy what I have to share and that you will find some inspiration in one way or another in what I am writing. I appreciate any and all feedback and hope you will continue to follow me on my adventures as a ORGANIC RUNNER MOM


Today I am inspired by thoughts of love and togetherness of a community coming together in times of sorrow.  Our community lost a beloved young teacher and mother over the weekend in a terrible tragedy. Please read the articles attached below to find out more and to see how you can help.

Pink . . .love wins

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2 thoughts on “FRESH Friday

  1. Hey there! I read your post about your vaca to FL- your kids are so cute!

    I heard about this horrendous story on the morning news a few days ago and it chilled me to the bone. I lived in VT from age 5-17 and these types of events were and still are practically unheard of there. It’s so sad that she was trying to be helpful and likely pushed down her instinct to say no and just stay at home with her baby.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog!
      Yes, the crime against this young mom is totally unimaginable and happened only a few miles from my home. The community is deeply saddened and the feeling of safety in this area has been completely shattered. Even if you didn’t know Melissa you knew who she was. The community around here is strong though and is coming together in support of her son. May she rest in peace.

      Love wins.

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