My marathon training right now is in overdrive but I am loving it! I am feeling stronger than I ever have and with each run am feeling myself get faster and my confidence is building.

I have become a different competitor now that I am a mom. I feel like I can push my body harder and mentally feel more prepared. My training for this marathon has been very focused thanks to my awesome Sustainable Athlete coach Denise Goode.

As the date of the marathon draws near my weekly mileage has been building and some of the workouts have been much more challenging due to training at a higher level when fatigued from the previous workout. The increased “loading” with speed workouts in addition to the longer runs is teaching my muscles to recover more quickly. I am definitely finding that this is paying off!

Will run for Organic yogurt!

This weekend I ran in the Stonyfield Earth Day 5K and fair to run as well as work in our Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs booth. I was feeling fatigued the morning of the race due to a hard training week post half marathon. I wasn’t sure what kind of speed I would find. I decided to just go out and run hard and have a good time. I definitely surprised myself finishing in 21:39 (7 minute/mile pace) which put me 3rd in my age group (30-39) out of 273. The best prize at the end was all of the delicious food after the race, my favorite being a nice ice-cold Stonyfield Yogurt Popsicle. The perfect treat after a hot race!

Ready to rock the course in my Skirt Sports speed silk.
Post race after moooooving quickly through the course with the Stonyfield Cow.

On Sunday I woke up for my 20-miler listening to the sound of rain drumming on our roof. The temperature had dropped from a beautiful, sunny 77 on Saturday to a gloomy, damp and raw New England day. Instead of the running tank from the previous day I bundled up with 3 layers on top, my running skirt (Mountain Hardwear Power Skort) and some SLS3Butterfly Compression Socks to help with circulation but also to keep me warm! Bridget and I hit the dirt roads, Kingdom Trails, and the VAST trail (snowmobile trails).


White School Trail
Awesome training partner who kicks my a$$ on every run!

The first four miles felt as though I was running with my feet attached to the ground. What happened to the spring in my step? Thankfully after that I loosened up and was able to get into a rhythm and enjoy the run. We picked up the pace for the last 5 miles arriving at “Heavens Bench” towards the finish after a lush and mossy looping uphill on single track mountain bike trails. My legs are definitely cooked after the weekend but I’ll be back at it tomorrow!

How is your training going?

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9 thoughts on “Overdrive

  1. Love the cow mile markers! Glad your training is going well. Mine has been good, also feeling stronger than before. I’m using the Big Sur 21 miler as a training run this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully the hills don’t totally kick my butt…

    1. The cow mile markers were awesome. MOOOO-TIVATION! That sounds like a tough 21 miler but I bet it’s beautiful! Have you ever done the Big Sur Marathon? Good luck with your long run!

    1. Thanks! I was surprised by my time as I am at the peak of my marathon training so wasn’t sure how fast I would be able to go. I definitely love off road racing adventures. Do you have any favorite trail events?

      1. I haven’t “tried” this one yet but I have my eye on airfare for the Silver Falls Trail Half (registration doesn’t open until Aug 1 but its limited to small # of people, sold out in 3 days for 2011). They have a full too but apparently the half passes 10 waterfalls and sounds like a spectacular area. This event is just south of Portland, OR. We don’t have a lot of trail races near Chicago but I do get out and run the various trails in the area. I’m always up for an adventure! 🙂

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