It’s the final countdown . . .

I am feeling super amped about the marathon now that my stomach is no longer doing triple backflips. This week is totally focused on super nutrition, rest, and getting myself and my kids back to 100% health. As an athlete it is hard being sick but I have been good and listened to my body this time and allowed for plenty of rest while trying to load in the calories to nurse myself back to health. Thankfully it seems to have paid off and I have bounced back.

So now with fresh energy I decided tonight I would try my first real video log. So here we go . . .


4 thoughts on “It’s the final countdown . . .

  1. Sandra, I love that you are telling your story this way, what a great way to remember this journey. I wish you the best of luck, have a blast… I will be cheering you on in Vermont.

    1. Thanks Tricia!!! Can’t wait to run with you again soon! We will have to catch some runs post marathon in preparation for Loon and other fun stuff! Thank you so much for reading my blog too!

  2. Nice job on your first vlog! I have yet to try one… 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you this weekend, can’t wait to hear all about it!

    1. Thanks Laura! I always think I look strange when I videotape myself. Haven’t done it much. Used to when I was a teacher but not really since then. Thanks for reading my blog and cheering me on!

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