This weekend (Sunday, June 10th at 9 a.m.) I am going to be running at the First Annual “Sufferfest.”  Sufferfest is a mountain adventure race put on by Littleton Bike and Fitness and sponsored by our family farm Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs.

Host of the first ever “Sufferfest”
Refuel with Pete & Gerry’s Organic Eggs

The race begins in Franconia, NH at the Franconia Inn and ends at the top of Cannon Mountain in Franconia Notch.  You can pick your “poison” for the race, run it or ride it (mountain bike).  The race will be a grueling 6 mile climb with an elevation gain of 3,150 feet.  For trail enthusiasts and mountain runners this will be an exciting challenge and may even be referred to as “fun.”  I’ll let you know how much “fun” I had post-race if I am still able to stand on my own two legs which are still in recovery mode post Vermont City Marathon.  I am hoping some of the other Pete & Gerry’s Organic Chicks will join me on the mountain!

This race definitely has some cool features not to be missed:

  • It is primarily a trail race (albeit a trail race that only goes up!?!?)
  • If you are running perhaps one of the mountain bikers might let you hitch a ride?
  • When you EVENTUALLY arrive at the finish you will be rewarded with sweeping views of Franconia Notch and beyond.
  • It will NOT be snowing! (and if it is I think I may need to move somewhere tropical)
  • If you actually make it to the summit you can officially call yourself a bada$$ for rocking this awesome challenge.
  • You might win some egg-cellent raffle prizes that include some EXTREME PROTEIN to refuel your body post race!

    EXTREME Protein

You do not have to run or ride back down! The Trams often referred to by locals as “ketchup & mustard” will be there to bring you back to earth the base of the mountain.


***DISCLAIMER: If you do not like condiments then you are all out of luck and will have to run or ride back down.

SO who’s in? Are you up for the challenge? If so please register here on and I’ll see you at the top!

Are you ready to “suffer?”

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I completed 17.35 miles yesterday in 3:04:26 with 2,177 feet of elevation gain as a part of my marathon training for the VT City Marathon. The run was extra challenging due to the fact that we ran mostly on trails and had some serious climbing to do along the way. I am working on fueling for race day and found that I definitely need more calories during the run. At around 14 miles in I started feeling “bonky” which is probably equivalent to crashing into the wall somewhere between 18 and 20 miles at the marathon.  I hope to get my fueling plan all figured out pre-race day to help me “climb” over the wall.  During the run I had to push through it since we began a serious ascent at mile 14 as we ran/power hiked up to the top of Bear Claw.  The climb and the push to the top was worth it though and I felt re-energized by the accomplishment of powering through a tough moment during the run.  This was a moment of digging deep.  We all put our heads down and the run became silent except for the sounds of breathing and the crunching of leaves underfoot.

Run Stats
View from the Top of Bear Claw

The views of Franconia Notch and the valleys below were amazing! The morning was crisp and clear and the energy of our group was high. I ran with my friends who motivate and inspire me with their enthusiasm and desire to just get out there and run and not question a challenge. My friend Bridget constantly buzzes with energy and seems to have endless power and speed. My friend Jenny taking a break from adventure racing to be a mom has strength within and drive to push hard. 4 months post-baby she is back at it and her running seems effortless. Today we were also accompanied by Gabe my friend Joanna’s husband and now proud father of two wonderful kids. Gabe has a quiet energy and positivity and fit perfectly with our group.I feel lucky to be able to run with this group and aspire to run like they do. The one common trait of these amazing athletes is the ability to not over think and to just run.

Gabe and his babes
More of Gabe and his babes!

Accomplishing this 17 mile run with these strong and intense athletes gives me the motivation to work harder. Plus running with my friends always has moments of laughter which keep things light along the way!

A moment of laughter on our run as Nanook needed to be carried across this bridge.

Organic Runner Mom VS. Winter Wild Round 2

Tomorrow I will be heading on down to Ragged Mountain in Danbury, NH for the second Winter Wild Race.  I guess I will truly figure out what it means to be “run ragged” (call me a nerd but I just love idioms and puns and this seemed like an appropriate time.)  This time the race will be 3 miles (as if the last race wasn’t torturous enough at only 1.2 miles).

Running Ragged

The race starts at 7 am which means I will be getting up before dawn for a sleep deprived car ride to the race with my awesome training buddy Bridget and friend Carole. It will probably be around 4 am when I have to get up.  4:00 a.m. is a  time which since my days of rowing have passed (at least for now) is a time reserved for sleeping or getting up with sick kiddies.  Any time before 5:00 in my book is TOO EARLY even if the clock reads 4:59. We will definitely get amped up on the way down to the race however in anticipation of the crazy runner fun that awaits.

After the last race I spent the next couple of days struggling up and down stairs and found new muscles that I never knew were there. My ankles were particularly sore from the uphill climb as well as my calves, quads and bum. It is amazing how no matter how great of shape you are in changing the game slightly by racing up a mountain even for only 1.2 miles can make you feel like you have never worked out in your life. After the race my lungs felt like they were on fire and I was wiped out. And then I promptly came down with bronchitis which knocked me for a loop. Just like that this illness killed my training until yesterday (plus my kiddies were also sick one with a double ear infection and the other with an icky stomach bug).

I am psyched though and ready to have an awesome adventure running in beautiful NH with other crazy runners, skiers, and in the heavy metal category the snowshoe hares! And after all could this really be any worse than getting a tooth filled at the dentist? Hopefully I won’t have an anxiety attack on the run like I did in the dentist’s chair this week.

Happy running! It’s time to kick some a$$! And now off to bed.