Memory Run

So the holidays were crazy. Time spent at home on the Main Line was great. Just what I needed . . . Time with my family, seeing old friends, celebrating the holiday, and running albeit mostly after my kids.

I did squeeze in a favorite run from my parents house. The run took me past some of my favorite spots: Past the Willows where we used to go sledding, where sweet sixteen memories were made, and snow day adventures were had. The days of moon boots, first kisses, and butterfly in your stomach outings to the top of the sledding hill with a first love. The rush from the speed of the hill matched by the wind knocked out of you feeling of first love.

I ran past the rolling fields of ‘Ardrossan’ a farm of days past with fields filled with prize black angus looking painted like those in one of my moms oil paintings. Ardrossan, the setting for the perfect blue sky June wedding set in the backdrop of tall Willow trees and a Georgian style manor. Love, laughter, dancing, songs, and the start of a life together.

The last important ‘monument’ on my run, Grandad’s beautiful old stone barn in the shade of old, tall sycamore trees with roots deep. Close to home and where I grew up and began to find my way.

Home, family, friendship, and love. Memories, feelings, happiness.