Winter Wild Championship at Bretton Woods

Over the weekend I completed the Team Amp Winter Wild race series. The championship event took place at Bretton Woods and was hosted by Acidotic Racing.
The weather at race time (6:30 a.m.) was an unseasonably warm 40 degrees so I decided it was time to break out my green Skirt Sport running skirt with nothing on my legs but some crazy purple patterned Smartwoolsocks. Very festive for St. Patrick’s Day.

20120319-104925.jpg I was super psyched too to try out my new Kahtoola Micro-spikesfor better traction on the way up the mountain (especially helpful in the mushy slush covering the mountain). I was psyched about my new “bling,” a raffle prize from the series given to me by Magrethe a fellow Kingdom Krazy since my luck in the raffle was no luck at all (more on that later).

The race began and I felt energized and strong. My calves and quads have definitely gotten a lot stronger since the series began which will definitely be helpful for my marathon this spring. The mountain was draped in an eerie fog from the warming snow. The runners at the front of the pack disappeared into the fog as they reached the summit. The strong women racers on the mountain have been inspiring at each race, so strong and determined and so fast!
The descent was exhilarating. Today the footing was a little softer and slippery allowing you to slide and glide with each foot strike. Running down the mountain I always feel like a kid, arms flailing, running free and light.

I finished the 4.25 mile course today in 38:57. A fifth place finish which put me in a 3rd place finish overall for the series! Sweet!
It was great to see all of these high energy racers every week which today included my friend Martha aka Outdoor Mom enjoying her first race on skis with skins and Kingdom Krazies too!
The only disappointment for me at these races was that I did not win any of the excellent prizes in the raffle. Wait . . . I actually did win one prize . . . my number was called so I excitedly went to the front to find that I had won some organic eggs. Not just any organic eggs, ironically they were our Pete an Gerry’s Organic Eggs the eggs that we had donated to the race as prizes. Too funny!

All in all what a great experience! We were lucky this year to have mild winter weather to make each race extra enjoyable. This race series is definitely something you should add to your race calendar next year to add a little adventure into your winter. Plus these races are extremely well run by energetic race director Chad Denning.
I can’t wait for the Western NH Trail Series also put on by Team Amp starting this spring.

Happy running and hope to see you on the trails!







Mother nature must be a Libra

Apparently mother nature is a Libra like me. One of the characteristics of a libra being “indecisive and changeable.” this weather this winter┬áhas been all over the map. Freezing rain one day, sunny and 60 he next, snowing and cold after that and so on. The variations in weather this winter have actually made this an
excellent training year. This has allowed for a lot of running, a lot of Nordic skiing, and time for making snowmen, sledding and also splashing around in rain puddles with the kids.

Snow today, Spring tomorrow! (Sustainable Athlete at Bretton Woods Nordic Center)

As they say in New England, “If you don’t like the weather wait a minute.

The fluctuating weather makes it extra hard (being a libra) to figure out what to wear pre-workout. I often end up frozen like a Popsicle or sweating like a pig.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

But getting outside is essential for the Vitamin D and the Fresh air even if it means going for a run in a snowsuit (ha!).

2 things to remember when running in New England to deal with the weather:

1. Dress like an onion-Layer, layer, layer!

Layers for changing temps

2. KISS layering (used by hikers) which is a 4 layer system

KISS to stay warm or cool as needed
KISS to stay warm or cool as needed

The other day we received a gift from Mother Nature, an amazing 60 degree, sunny, cloudless sky-filled day. I didn’t have a long workout planned however who can resist going outside for hours on a day like that. Plus in New Hampshire after the cold dark winter 60 feels hot and incredible!

I ended up running a fast 9.4 mile loop with my friends Jenny (and baby T in the Chariot) and Jenny in beautiful Franconia, NH.

Since I am currently following a specific training plan from my coach Denise I felt as though I might get in trouble for adding the extra miles. But, I just couldn’t help myself. Is this a true sign of a running addict?

I just had to . . . It was t-shirt and running skirt weather. Wouldn’t you???

First skirt run of the season! (March 8, 2012)
I mean just look at this day!
Perfect New Hampshire Day