Just plain GU?

So the topic of fueling always comes up on long runs.  Do you carry extra food/fuel with you? If you are like me, if I don’t bring any fuel along for the run things can head downhill quickly starting at about 6-7 miles in. BONK! Bonking is the worst. When I start to bonk, I start feeling hot yet also chilled at the same time, my heart feels like it is racing, and then the shakes set in. At this point of total bonk it is too late and the workout must end. When this sugar crash happens I need food/sugar/carbs/protein stat (Please pass the grape juice for some quick sugar, and then a banana, a bowl of cereal, a protein bar, some nuts or whatever I can stuff in as quickly as possibly.

Most often my friends and I prefer GU on our long runs.  100 calories-carbohydrates and electrolytes are just what the doctor ordered! And just look at the wide range of flavors to choose from.  And believe me the choice about what to eat and carry on long runs and in races is essential.

What GU do you DU?

All athletes have a very distinct flavor preference because as we all know the wrong kind of GU can be a disaster for your digestion mid-run if the flavor does not sit well.  My favorite is mandarin orange with caffeine to kick things up a notch We all agreed that GU is awesome in the winter time because it will actually begin to freeze which turns the GU into a refreshing treat almost like a popsicle when having the fruity flavors (‘Jet Blackberry’) or like a chocolate bar (‘Chocolate Outrage’).  However nobody seems to know who likes ‘Just Plain’ GU.

So my question to all of my runner friends is: