Never too young to start training

Last night I was cleaning the coat closet. I threw my two fluorescent yellow running vests on the floor. The next thing I knew, Piper (3.5) was wearing one and Brock (16 months) was trying to put the other one one. What then ensued was a moment of pure kid joy, energy, and imagination. Piper began a “race” with Brock around our farmhouse. With a lot of laughter, cries of, “faster!” and “come on Brocky!” they completed six “laps” of the house. I could not stop laughing and loved seeing them have such a blast together. When the “race” was over Piper exclaimed, “that was a great race Mommy!” and carefully helped Brock out of his vest. This was an awesome mom moment!

Do you think they will be ready for the night leg at Reach the Beach?








“Reach the Beach is runners’ paradise” – ESPN

Runners Alley


If you are a runner and haven’t yet completed an insane 24 hour, 200 mile overnight adventure relay yet then you have been missing out. This is the ultimate team adventure for adults. You will remember your younger days participating in team sports. Riding in the van for countless hours while occasionally hopping out to run for a while perhaps wearing a chicken hat, carrying a rubber chicken named Wilson, or even perhaps sporting your favorite pink tutu will allow you to totally let go of your adult life and to just have fun (although I am not sure that is what most people on the planet would call it). You will enjoy the hilarious nature of this event as you find yourself totally sleep deprived, running down a long stretch of roadway, wearing a reflective flashing vest, headlamp, and red flashing lights in the middle of the night with your goal being to catch the blinking light up ahead and finish at the Beach with the other crazy members of your team. The Reach the Beach Relay ( events are the adventure of a lifetime and definitely worth putting together a 12 member team(or if you are truly insane , a 6 person ultra team) and sign up soon. If you feel ready (and you know you are) you can sign up now for Reach the Beach MA in the spring and Reach the Beach NH in the fall.


Take a look and see what the ESPN sports team had to say about this:




Are we there yet?

Did the ‘Santa’ in your life wait until the last-minute to pick out the perfect gift to put under the tree? Here is one of my new favorite running must-haves that will have you shouting with glee on Christmas morning:

1. The Garmin Forerunner 405CX (

My new best friend

I got this GPS watch for my birthday this year and even though I am still figuring out how to operate all of the different functions this is my new best friend on the roads and on the trails. It has more bells and whistles than the new-top-of the line SUV. You can track every aspect of your training including heart rate, mileage, pace, distance and much more. You can upload the data from your runs to the computer and analyze your run (although you may not want to wear this post holidays due to all of the pace slowing holiday eating but how could you resist those delicious Christmas cookies?)  Another super cool function is the ability to set up a virtual training partner (for the days when solitude is what you crave which of course is the necessity of all runner moms on certain days!).  The only thing I wish Garmin would change is to offer this in some more girlish colors because I know many women who would definitely sport this in pink or purple or a pretty spring green.

Look out Reach the Beachers . . . here come the chicks!

I’ll be out there this winter tracking my miles as I train for a marathon this spring and another Reach the Beach Adventure. See you on the trails!