Remedy for the winter blues

Class VI Road

Today was a tough 11 mile workout but well worth the adventure. Sometimes the best training run is one that is unplanned. This run was going to be long and easy however add in a little seasonal affective disorder, a week at home with the kids (one who is sick) while Dad is across the country for work, and then bring along another total running addict and amazing friend (Bridget you inspire me!) and the easy run quickly turns into a long, hard hill run (and by hills I actually mean small mountains). This run was exactly the right thing to refresh me today. It is funny how something that is so tough physically can be so energizing mentally.

The run began in Franconia, NH on this frosty 20 degree glowing morning sky day.  However today instead of choosing the long rolling run we opted to go left out of the parking lot, under the interstate and up the monster hill (Joanna, this run was for you!).  If you are looking for scenic views this is the run for you. All along the way we had glimpses of Cannon, The Presidential Range and also into Bethlehem. The amazing views were the reward for the taxing hill climbs.   The terrain for the run was mixture of pavement and a class VI road, uphills, downhills, snow and ice and beautifully frosted trees which led the way to more uphills and downhills (yes, as you can imagine my quads and hamstrings are now screaming)

Long runs never seem long with a good friend by your side. The talk and sometimes silence as we run together (although when running with Bridget it is more like non-stop talk and often bouts of hysteria) acts as therapy and motivation. We push each other during the tough parts of the run often without having to say anything.

This was the perfect remedy for the winter blues and the extra benefit is always the giggles that always seem to accompany my endorphin highs.

Nanook and Bridget