Mother nature must be a Libra

Apparently mother nature is a Libra like me. One of the characteristics of a libra being “indecisive and changeable.” this weather this winter has been all over the map. Freezing rain one day, sunny and 60 he next, snowing and cold after that and so on. The variations in weather this winter have actually made this an
excellent training year. This has allowed for a lot of running, a lot of Nordic skiing, and time for making snowmen, sledding and also splashing around in rain puddles with the kids.

Snow today, Spring tomorrow! (Sustainable Athlete at Bretton Woods Nordic Center)

As they say in New England, “If you don’t like the weather wait a minute.

The fluctuating weather makes it extra hard (being a libra) to figure out what to wear pre-workout. I often end up frozen like a Popsicle or sweating like a pig.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

But getting outside is essential for the Vitamin D and the Fresh air even if it means going for a run in a snowsuit (ha!).

2 things to remember when running in New England to deal with the weather:

1. Dress like an onion-Layer, layer, layer!

Layers for changing temps

2. KISS layering (used by hikers) which is a 4 layer system

KISS to stay warm or cool as needed
KISS to stay warm or cool as needed

The other day we received a gift from Mother Nature, an amazing 60 degree, sunny, cloudless sky-filled day. I didn’t have a long workout planned however who can resist going outside for hours on a day like that. Plus in New Hampshire after the cold dark winter 60 feels hot and incredible!

I ended up running a fast 9.4 mile loop with my friends Jenny (and baby T in the Chariot) and Jenny in beautiful Franconia, NH.

Since I am currently following a specific training plan from my coach Denise I felt as though I might get in trouble for adding the extra miles. But, I just couldn’t help myself. Is this a true sign of a running addict?

I just had to . . . It was t-shirt and running skirt weather. Wouldn’t you???

First skirt run of the season! (March 8, 2012)
I mean just look at this day!
Perfect New Hampshire Day

The Sustainable Athlete

Yesterday when I came home from my sweet trail run I found a package on my porch. I was excited to find a package from my friend Doug Welling of The Sustainable Athlete.  Doug is a great friend of ours, a former Batesie and rowing friend of my husband. I met Doug when I graduated from Colby and went to coach rowing at our rival college Bates (I know, I was a traitor).  Doug actually even worked for our family business, Pete &Gerry’s Organic Eggs right after graduating from college as our salesman and used his awesome energy to tell the story of our farm and funny enough to hand out Pete & Gerry’s egg boxers (yes . . .you heard me right, egg underwear!) to the dairy managers.

One on one endurance sport coaching

Well now Doug has moved on and has started a coaching business for endurance athletes, The Sustainable Athlete. Doug himself is a seasoned endurance athlete even having qualified for and competed in the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona HI.  The Sustainable Athlete, based in coastal Maine offers coaching for endurance athletes-runners, cyclists, triathletes etc. as well as other services such as nutrition coaching.  The Sustainable Athlete also works with the Maine Running Academy.

I am currently working with Coach Denise Goode from The Sustainable Athlete who is designing my marathon training plan for the VT City Marathon this May.  So far the training and expertise has been fantastic! Denise gives me my training schedule week by week using Training Peaks an awesome workout calendar program and training tool.

Now back to the PACKAGE. Who doesn’t like getting a package in the mail. Getting a package in the mail is like Christmas. Getting a package from a friend always makes me smile. Getting a package with sweet performance gear inside will make any athlete drool.

Now that you’ve waited for it here is what was inside . . .

Sweet jacket and running shirt from Hincapie Sports. And as an added bonus check out the sweet Pete &Gerry's Organic Eggs logo on the back!

If you are in need of some endurance sport coaching to help you reach your latest goal and to take it to the next level definitely check out The Sustainable Athlete!

Happy Running!

Sustainable Sandy

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