Six in the Stix and a ski jump?

Saturday was my first time racing at Team Amp’s Six in the Stix Trail Race. It was a hot and sticky morning in NH do running in the woods sounded like a perfect idea. Before the race I quietly warmed up on the trail and this was one of the first things that I encountered . . .

This might be the quickest way to the finish!
Too bad I forgot my skis

A little ski jumping anyone?
I was hot before the race got started and felt antsy to get going. The energy of the racers was high as we entered the woods and I quickly found my pace as we entered the woods for some uphill. The woods were cool and the footing was soft.
Every time I get on the trails I feel like a kid on an adventure through green fairy land. The air always feels refreshing and the woods always seem magical even when i am pushing the pace. How do you feel when you are on the trails? Racing or just out for a fun run?
This race was my favorite distance. I know I can push hard through the finish and have begun to find my speed. The downhill came at about 3 miles in. I have been working hard on my downhill running. I’ve found it’s best to stay loose and let gravity take over. Running down is all about watching your footing while at the same time being just on the edge of out of control.
The race finished near the ski jump on the track. The loop around the track was a little jolting after being on the trail but I pushed to the finish in 49:56. I ended up third in my age group which landed me a spot on the “podium.”

Psyched about my 3rd place finish and even more excited about enjoying some pancakes and my prize syrup.

The prize was sweet-maple syrup! Yes, please!
I hope to hit the trails again soon for another awesome trail race.
Happy running and get out there hit the trail!

Syrup anyone?

Six in the Stix Trail Race

Tomorrow will be another day of fun racing. I am headed to Newport, NH to run in the town forest at The Six in the Stix trail race. This race is a part of the Western NH Trail Race Series put on by Team Amp (Same organizers as the Winter Wild Series).

Trail Running Adventures

Trail running and racing is one of my favorite things to do. My first real experience with trail running began when I moved to Barnet, VT and began running on the Kingdom Trails with a bunch of runners who like to call themselves the Kingdom Krazies. We would spend countless hours running the endless trails, uphill and down, up the mountain, through the winding beautiful Vermont wilderness. How could you not fall in love with trail running? Racing on trails means going fast and the additional challenge of navigating the rocky/root covered terrain (roots sometimes being referred to as chicken necks which I think is hilarious) sometimes made slick by the rain. Racing on the trails brings a huge endorphin rush but at the same time a weird sense of calm that comes from the intense focus required for the fancy footwork as well from the crisp fresh air in the woods and sounds on the trails.

I welcome the adventure that awaits tomorrow. What adventures do you have planned?

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Are we there yet?

Did the ‘Santa’ in your life wait until the last-minute to pick out the perfect gift to put under the tree? Here is one of my new favorite running must-haves that will have you shouting with glee on Christmas morning:

1. The Garmin Forerunner 405CX (

My new best friend

I got this GPS watch for my birthday this year and even though I am still figuring out how to operate all of the different functions this is my new best friend on the roads and on the trails. It has more bells and whistles than the new-top-of the line SUV. You can track every aspect of your training including heart rate, mileage, pace, distance and much more. You can upload the data from your runs to the computer and analyze your run (although you may not want to wear this post holidays due to all of the pace slowing holiday eating but how could you resist those delicious Christmas cookies?)  Another super cool function is the ability to set up a virtual training partner (for the days when solitude is what you crave which of course is the necessity of all runner moms on certain days!).  The only thing I wish Garmin would change is to offer this in some more girlish colors because I know many women who would definitely sport this in pink or purple or a pretty spring green.

Look out Reach the Beachers . . . here come the chicks!

I’ll be out there this winter tracking my miles as I train for a marathon this spring and another Reach the Beach Adventure. See you on the trails!